079: Intersection: Inger Kristine Steinsland, Photoshop Artist

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

In the previous episode, we met Brooke Cormier who reminded us that there’s always more to learn, the importance of experimentation and the challenges of running a business as a creative. She also reminded us that failure is part of the process and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Inger Kristine Steinsland.

You know that really annoying person who always seems to see the glass half full?

Hi, yes, that's her. Inger Kristine Steinsland, born and bred in Norway, educated and trained in Britain. With a BA in Illustration and a Masters in Creative Advertising from Falmouth University, she has since been working for an Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising agency in London. Here she started as an intern before she was hired as a Junior Art Director and she has worked her way up to become Head of Art. She now leads a team of Art Directors, Designers and UX/UI designers.

In our conversation, Inger and I discuss the magic of happy accidents, visual simplicity and having fun in your work. We chat about removing the toxic culture of fear and the possibilities of problem solving through design.

Key Ideas Discussed:

  • Lots of happy accidents have happened to her