080: Intersection: Amelia Hutchison, Art Therapist

In the previous episode, we met Inger Kristine Steinsland who reminded us of the power of spontaneity, visual simplicity and play. We chatted about removing the toxic culture of fear and the possibilities of problem solving through design. She also reminded us that the journey is the destination and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Amelia Hutchison.

Amelia is an art therapist and podcast host. She holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and a graduate diploma in Art Therapy from the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute. She helps adults and teens use creativity to navigate experiences like grief, trauma, and life transitions. Amelia offers individual art psychotherapy, creative support groups and mental health workshops. Her podcast, Art Therapy IRL, explores art therapy in the digital age.

In our conversation, Amelia and I (and special guest co-host, Nat Lumby) discuss using art and creativity to gain agency and feel empowered in the face of challenging emotions. We discuss enjoying the process of making, leaning into getting messy and removing the need for the word ‘talent’ from our artistic vocabularies.

Key Ideas Discussed:

  • Working with folks who want to use art and creativity as a way to feel more of a sense of agency, empowerment, etc.

  • As a child, art was a secondary language to process trauma

  • Art gave her breathing room to make s