081: Intersection: Billi-Rose Ledoux, Makeup Artist

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In the previous episode, we met Amelia Hutchison who reminded us of using art and creativity to gain agency and feel empowered in the face of challenging emotions, enjoying the process of making, leaning into getting messy and removing the need for the word ‘talent’ in our artistic vocabularies. She also reminded us that the process of making art can be healing and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Billi-Rose Ledoux.

Billi-Rose is a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist. She has been in the beauty industry for 7 years and currently, she is focusing on her freelance makeup artistry, having decided to start her small business just over a year ago. Her passion has always been makeup. She enjoys enhancing the beauty of women, while being a part of their milestones or events happening in their lives. She’s so grateful for all the women that cross her path. On her days off she spends quality time with her 3 year old son, beading, and creating tutorials for her clients.

In our conversation, Billi-Rose and I discuss enhancing natural beauty through her art, helping people feel empowered through her craft and the fact that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Key Insights Discussed:

  • She enjoys doing makeup on clients and herself - bridal, dramatic and cosplay

  • She wants to be able to do it all and therefore she doesn't have a signature look - she can do multiple styles