082: Intersection: Sareka Unique, Abstract Painter

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

In the previous episode, we met Billi-Rose Ledoux who reminded us of how she enhances natural beauty through her art, helps people feel empowered through her craft and the fact that inspiration can come from anywhere. She also reminded us that art can be used to create safe spaces and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Sareka Unique.

Sareka Unique Is an Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Creator of bright, fun colorful things. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan and studied Visual Communication Technology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Later, after studying Graphic Design, Sareka fell in love with Illustration and Surface Pattern Design and then finally gave into the calling to paint in 2017. Since then, she has been using her love of color to transform products and create artwork that evokes a sense of vibrancy and joy.

In our conversation, Sareka and I discuss the inspiration present all around her, the way her current mood dictates her final product, how she knows when a piece is complete and the special community she’s created for other artists online.

Key Ideas Discussed:

  • Sareka is a graphic designer and illustrator by trade and she just recently (in the last few years) got into painting

  • Bright colours, joy, making people smile Inspiration all around her; inspired by colour everywhere

  • She sometime