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121: Mags 2022: Printing Magazines with Steph Beveridge of Hemlock Printers

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In this final episode in the mags 2022 miniseries, you’ll hear from Steph Beveridge, Account Manager at Hemlock Printers in Vancouver, BC.

In this conversation, Steph explains the types of magazines Hemlock prints and the ways in which small, niche publications are growing their audiences. Steph shares a breakdown of typical printing processes for magazines, trends in magazine printing (including size, paper and finish), as well as actionable tips for designing with print in mind. She shares the big challenge for the printing industry right now, unique advertising opportunities for publishers, as well as the economics of niche magazine publications. Finally, Steph describes the reasons she got into this field and her biggest takeaways from having studied at TMU.

This is a recording of TMU’s Magazine Production & Publishing class in spring 2022. Please excuse the quality of my audio in this episode, as I recorded this final class from a hotel room in New York City without my mic (that sounds so good!).

Let’s listen in…

About Our Guest:

As a lover of all things print, Steph works as an account manager for Hemlock Printers Ltd. in Vancouver, BC. She spends her days helping great designers select the right paper and specialty finishes to allow their creativity to shine.

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