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154: An Inclusive Vision for Magazine Publishing with Justine Abigail Yu of Living Hyphen

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Welcome back to the sixth and final episode in this magazine series. Here you’ll meet Justine Abigail Yu, Founder of Living Hyphen Magazine, which explores the experiences of hyphenated Canadians and what it means to live in between cultures.

You’ll learn about the origins of Living Hyphen, the spark that started this journey and ultimately why Justine Abigail created this community. You’ll also hear how the community’s varied submissions organically shaped the final magazine and amplified its diversity.

Justine Abigail shares the political and symbolic reasons she decided to produce Living Hyphen as a printed-only magazine, what collaboration in making the magazine looks like and what forms Living Hyphen takes today, beyond the printed page.

Finally, you’ll hear about Justine Abigail’s experience telling her own story and her big vision for the future of Living Hyphen.

This episode is part of a guest lecture series in CGCM 720 Magazine Production & Publishing through The Chang School at TMU.

Let’s listen in…

About Our Guest:

Justine Abigail Yu (she/her) is the founder of Living Hyphen, a community and multimedia platform that explores what it means to live in between cultures as a hyphenated Canadian – that is, an individual who calls Canada home but who has roots elsewhere. She is an award-winning workshop facilitator whose work with Living Hyphen has been featured on international, national, and local media outlets including the Globe & Mail, CTV National News, and the CBC. She was also named a “Changemaker” by the Toronto Star in October 2021. Justine Abigail is a fierce advocate for equity and anti-oppression. Her mission is to stir the conscience and spur social change. Learn more at

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