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Yes, Books!

Books, books, books!


This is where I've started my career and this is where I continue to find joy; ideating, writing, designing, printing. 

writing for a trade magazine


I feel very fortunate to have had an outlet to publish my writing about the industry so near and dear to my heart. Here's a look at some of my favourite articles that I'm personally most proud of over the years:

Trust Me: The Changing Face of Leadership in 2020 and Beyond

After having a written a whole pile of articles (150+) for a whole pile of years (14+) here's a look at my very first published article (ever!). It took me hours and hours to research and write and perfect before handing it over to the magazine.


If you find writing challenging, my advice is to stick with it and do it a lot. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Trust me. I was a fairly strong writer for most of my teen and adult life but only with lots of editing and reworking. I was in awe of my friends who could write a solid piece on their very first draft. That just wasn't me.


My turning point was during the first month of starting my Master's degree, taking two intensive in-person courses (3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon for 3 weeks), where I'd then have to go home, read a whole pile of text and write master's level reflections and essays and fancy-pants theoretical whosamawhatsits. It was SO MUCH WRITING; thousands of words a day. I learned to become better and faster and more coherent on the first draft out of necessity. (And by this point, I'd already been writing consistently on a professional level for 5 years!) I believe the lesson here is two-fold: 1) Writing becomes easier and more enjoyable the more you do it, 2) Everyone is learning, constantly. It's lifelong and worth it. Even the 'professionals' are constantly learning; nobody's got it all figured out.

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