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friends with failure

In 2022 I dove into the concept of ‘making friends with failure’.


As a gateway into experimentation, I invited failure to play by writing with my feet and I encouraged others to do the same.


The result is this excitingly experimental, nearly illegible, totally free font that was born out of wild self-acceptance.

You’re just my type!


We doubled down on collaborative creativity in GCM 806 - Advanced Typography this winter 2024 semester and our very last class was an action-packed experimental design-a-thon.


Could we do it? We had no idea!

And this was the perfect reason to try. 


With my trusty bell in hand and with a room full of students, we embarked on a type design journey that was just over 1 hour long and resulted in 27 new typeface designs, each one co-created with everyone else in the room. 

I’ve digitized one of the typefaces based on the prompt ‘futuristic’. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it scrappy and interesting and a creative artifact of our 12 wonderful weeks together. Indeed it is! 

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