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065: Printing Magazines with Dan Thompson of Italic

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

In the final episode of this summer magazine miniseries, we are exploring the world of production, both in printed and digital mediums.

I am very excited about today’s conversation with someone I met more than 10 years ago and I’ve stayed in touch with ever since. Dan Thompson is the founder of Italic, a visual communications company that specializes in digitally printed products. The company operates their facility in the heart of downtown Toronto and the company has grown, shifted and evolved over the past 18 years into its current identity, keeping pace with the rate of change of digital printing technology and digital communications.

Dan brings a wealth of knowledge about the world of digital print production and creating valuable communication pieces that get noticed. Dan has a special ability to see opportunities beyond the obvious, creating unique experiences, one-of-a-kind products and huge value for his clients.

Today’s conversation with Dan centres on the world of publications and short-run magazine production. We discuss the importance of “choosing your [communication] channel wisely”, the opportunities abound for crafting printed pieces for an audience of one, as well as the power of digital print to be flexible and create powerful just-in-time communication pieces that show audiences you care. Dan reveals what he believes is the new value proposition of magazines in a world with so many information sources, as well as the power of print to provide sensory inputs that are unmatched through digital mediums. We also chat about the potential to harness young subscribers for printed publications in a world dominated by subscription models and the fact that print and digital have more than just a reciprocal relationship; instead they have the power to act in a circular relationship, one feeding the other feeding the other. Let’s listen in...

About Our Guest:

Dan Thompson, is the founder and CEO of Italic, a visual communications manufacturing company located in downtown Toronto, Canada. “We have the privilege to create customized and highly innovative print communication pieces for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Every day is an amazing adventure.”

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