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069: A Typographic Revolution with Olivia Kane of The Weekly Typographic

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

I was recently brushing up on my typographic news (as one is ought to do), and I came across a really excellent podcast called The Weekly Typographic. In this podcast, cohosts Micha and Olivia, give a rundown of helpful typographic resources, weekly type news and deep dives into type history and type trends. It’s good, nerdy fun.

I reached out to one half of the weekly typographic team, Olivia, after hearing one of her segments all about the huge impact that the industrial revolution had on the world of typography as we know it today. It was a super interesting conversation and, not being one to shy away from an opportunity, I emailed her to see if she would chat with me and share this information with Talk Paper Scissors listeners.

So just like your favourite crossover episode on TV (think the Jetsons and Flintstones or New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine or The Simpsons and 24), THIS is a crossover episode… as it pertains to geeky typography-focused podcasts. But I’m here for it!

In just a minute you’ll meet Olivia who is awesome. In this conversation we talk about the industrial revolution’s impact on typography, as well as an exciting modern type revolution we’re in right now. She is joining us from New York and as soon as she and I met via Zoom, I knew we were kindred spirits who both yearn to kern. Please tell us about yourself, Olivia…

Salvaje - one of Olivia’s favourite typefaces (inspired by birds of paradise)

Cooper Black - Olivia’s desert island typeface

The Weekly Typographic Podcast - the podcast Olivia co-hosts

The League of Moveable Type - an open-source font foundry

About Our Guest:

Olivia Kane is an NYC-based graphic designer and podcaster with a deep-seated love of letterforms. During the day she's a designer at Jones Knowles Ritchie, a creative studio that develops brand identities and packaging design, and at night she helps run the open-source foundry The League of Moveable Type. She co-hosts their podcast, The Weekly Typographic, and on it she discusses the latest in type and design news, chats to designers and educators innovating the typographic field, and deep-dives into obscure type & design topics.

Music (public domain via Kesta - IOverjoy

Talk Paper Scissors Theme Music: Retro Quirky Upbeat Funk by Lewis Sound Production via Audio Jungle

Boat Origami Photo: Boat Origami Photo by Alex on Unsplash

The Weekly Typographic Logo: Olivia Kane and Micah Rich



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