085: Intersection: Keight MacLean, Portraiture

In the previous episode, we met Shen Ramu who spoke with us about how she continues to refine and redefine her style, how she keeps herself inspired and the tools she uses to create her work. She also reminded us about the need for boundaries and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Keight MacLean.

Keight MacLean is a Toronto-based painter. Her paintings combine the old with the new, reproducing historical portraits by hand before applying contemporary and experimental methods. With a love for European History, MacLean's focus on women was born after years of reading male driven histories. Her work now seeks to celebrate the many women in historical portraits, giving a voice to the silenced.

In our conversation, Keight and I discuss the ways in which she fell into her work by accident and through lots of experimentation, the ways living abroad immersed in art for a year continues to impact her professional work, as well as how and why she never experiences creative block.

Key Ideas Discussed:

  • Studied illustration at OCAD

  • By happenstance she fell into painting and drawing as a minor

  • She studied in Florence Italy for a year - impacted every part of her life