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113: Font Futures: Emerging Typeface Designers Nate Evangelista & Sarah Zahavi

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Welcome to the future… font futures: a three-part miniseries dedicated to what will continue to evolve as it relates to design, technology and the greater societal shifts that the world type can help facilitate.

Part of what we can expect is new innovative ideas that are pushing the boundaries of typeface design. One of my very favourite things that I’ve been able to do with this podcast Is lift incredible student work out of the black hole of the assignment dropbox where too often never again seen after a course is over. I am so genuinely proud of all of my students who demonstrate hard work and dedication to the topics explored in class. Today’s episode features two students in my Advanced Typography class this semester and the work they’re sharing today are their original typeface designs: Sarah Zahavi and Nate Evangelista.

Before we get to Sarah and Nate, allow me to tease you with the next two episodes in this mini-series. The legendary Charles Nix, Type Director of Monotype, gives us the ins and outs of variable font technology. And we will speak with Toronto-based type designer, Kevin King, about his work in helping to revitalize and preserve indigenous syllabic letterforms in a digital space. Nate (who you’ll meet in this episode) helps me cohost the next two episodes as well.

You’re in for an awesome 2 1/2 hours of conversations dedicated to the typography of tomorrow.

aqua: An original typeface by Nate Evangelista

Download PDF • 158.48MB

NEGATIVE SPACE: An original typeface by Sarah Zahavi

Download PDF • 9.10MB

About Our Guests:

Nate Evangelista (he/him) is a graphic designer whose work revolves around creating more accessible and inclusive content that helps to improve user experience and interaction. Currently, he works as a Graphic Layout Artist at TC Transcontinental. During his undergraduate career, Nate went from studying human anatomy and absolutely dreading it to studying the anatomy of type and becoming completely obsessed. If he were a typeface, he would probably be Didot. On his free time, Nate likes to make clever puns, tasty recipes and lasting memories with his family, friends and boyfriend. His mantra is "live to express, not to impress."

Sarah Zahavi is a graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University's class of 2022 with a major in Graphic Communications Management, a concentration in Publishing, and a minor in Communication Design. A lover of books, music, and art history, Sarah draws her inspiration from all forms of media, and loves to explore past aesthetics with a modern twist.

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