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120: Mags 2022: Designing Magazines with Lonelle Selbo of LIFE AU LAIT

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Meet Lonelle Selbo, publisher and designer of LIFE AU LAIT Magazine, a digital publication serving Prince Edward County (PEC), Ontario, Canada.

In this conversation, Lonelle explains her magazine’s origin story, why digital is the right format for her publication and the way she’s adapted to help local businesses promote themselves during the pandemic. Lonelle defines maximalism and how she embraces it in the design of LIFE AU LAIT Magazine. She also explains how she uses rules in her creative process, specifically focusing on the criteria of intentionality and usefulness. Lonelle shares where she thinks the future of magazine content is headed and shares future plans for her magazine. Also, Diana shares her big idea for the future of the magazine industry… a collaboration is very possible and you’re hearing it here first! Finally, insights about the power of listening emerge and remerge throughout the conversation.

This is a recording of TMU’s Magazine Production & Publishing class in spring 2022. You’ll hear that Lonelle shared her website in class and you can follow along in the show notes below.

Let’s listen in…

About Our Guest:

After doing hard time in Toronto, immersed in the journalism of music, travel, food, drink, arts, and culture, Lonelle moved to Prince Edward County to live her best life. She spends each day documenting the County’s green-blue and pale-gold vistas, soft white sands, and magical limestone soils for her PEC magazine LIFE AU LAIT—wild inspiration and precious history filling the cracks in between. You can find her at any great County event, talking wine in a cellar, or singing karaoke in an old barn with some of the local characters and talents.

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