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192: Coming Soon: The Art & Design of Storytelling

Updated: May 14

Once upon a time there were 9 creatives in 8 episodes answering 7 questions who were spread out over 6 geographic locations resulting in many virtual high 5’s because there were 4 hours of conversations with 3 themes emerging released over 2 weeks as 1 large, interconnected story. 

This series features 9 incredible creatives:

3D Environment Artist, Nansy Khanano

Drag Artist & Professor of Creativity, Guy Anabella

Visual Note Taker, Dusty Folwarczny

Brand Identity Designer, Carla Palette

Singer-Songwriter-Producer, Barbra Lica

Visual Artist & Writer, Brit Chida

Tattoo Artist, Christian Danielson

Author & Teacher, Bonny Spence Dieterich 

Breathwork Facilitator & Writer, Ariel Benavidez 

This is the Art and Design of Storytelling.

Coming soon on Monday, May 13, 2024.


Sound & Music Credits

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