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Teaching is my jam.

Lots of people talk about what they would do with their lives if money weren't an issue; what they would spend their days thinking about and working towards if they had all the time and resources in the world. 


For me, it's teaching. Unequivocally.

Turning a lesson into a story. Anticipating the wide eyes of discovery in a student new to a topic. Learning about intrinsically motivating methods of assessment. Creating fresh, never-before-heard content that adds value to people's lives. 


Now that gets me up in the morning. 

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The rapid switch from in-person to virtualized teaching was a really significant challenge. Absolutely. There were so many variables and so much uncertainty, both on-screen and off. I really believe that constraint helps to breed creativity and virtualized teaching presented so many new opportunities, including the chance to rethink the delivery of post-secondary education as we know it. I was thrilled to be part of Ryerson University's Inspired Teaching showcase, where I discussed incorporating this podcast into my classes in lieu of formal lectures for students. 

Since this feature, I've continued to stretch the limits of my creative boundaries and find new ways to incorporate podcasting in my teaching practice, including:

I can't wait to see where podcasting in education guides my students and I next. If you have an idea about new and novel ways to blend pedagogy and podcasting, I'd love to hear from you!

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