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026: Introducing Two Emerging Typeface Designers

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

In today’s episode I have the honour and pleasure to introduce you to two creative, innovative and talented emerging designers who are going to do big things in this world. In fact, they’ve ALREADY done big things.

I am so pleased to introduce two of my Advanced Typography students, Veronika Wiszniewska and Mary-Anne Buerano. Both of these talented students produced phenomenally consistent design work throughout the semester and the cherry on top was their original typeface designs. Veronika designed a text face called ‘Aggers’ and Mary-Anne designed a display face called ‘Bright’. While each of these typefaces is very different from one another, both are original, both are hand-crafted, both are beautiful. I wanted to provide a platform for these talented artists to share their work and the stories behind their work.

Based in Toronto, Veronika is a graphic designer and Graphic Communications student at Ryerson University, working towards a concentration in publishing and a minor in sociology. Beyond graphic design, Veronika enjoys creating traditional and digital illustrations, playing with photoshop, and has recently discovered a new found love for type design. She feels most fulfilled when taking on creative projects that combine her passions for design and social justice, especially when pertaining to queer communities.

Mary-Anne is a Toronto-based designer and visual artist with a passion for education and creating work that highlights underserved communities. She is currently working towards a minor in Communication Design and a concentration in Publishing at Ryerson’s School of Graphic Communications Management. Her body of work focuses on illustration, branding, and videography.


Podington Bear - Racoon Family Robinson

Talk Paper Scissors Theme Music: Retro Quirky Upbeat Funk by Lewis Sound Production via Audio Jungle


Boat Origami Photo: Boat Origami Photo by Alex on Unsplash

Veronika Wiszniewska - Aggers

Mary-Anne Buerano - Bright



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