083: Intersection: Caroline Duffy, Textile Designer

In the previous episode, we met Sareka Unique who reminded us that inspiration is present all around her, the way her current mood dictates her final product, how she knows when a piece is complete and the special community she’s created for other artists online. She also reminded us of the wonder of colour in her work and today’s guest agrees.

Allow me to officially introduce you to today’s guest: Caroline Duffy.

Caroline Duffy is an artist and textile designer living in Dundalk, Ireland. While studying at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, she fell in love with textiles and patterns. After graduating from NCAD, she spent 10 years creating surface and textile design for Textile Houses in New York, Sydney and London. On her return she launched her own design and art business, back here in Ireland. With Caroline’s Art her signature colourful pieces are all inspired by nature – whether it’s a floral or abstract painting, printed silk scarf, notebooks or cards. “I create colourful art, textiles and patterns for people who want to connect with the joy of nature in their home and on the go!” Everything comes down to nature for her. Her mission is to make and design colourful pieces that create vitality, happiness and intrigue to her and those who see them.

In our conversation, Caroline and I discuss the textile design industry, how her involvement in an artistic community is life-giving and the joys and challenges of working for oneself.

Key Ideas Discussed:

  • She's worked all over the world, settled back in Ireland about 10 years ago