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142: Aurelie Maron, Lettering Artist

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

This year’s Advanced Typography class at Toronto Metropolitan University had the chance to chat with talented lettering artist and teacher, Aurelie Maron.

In this episode, you’ll hear Aurelie’s story, including why neither agency life nor freelance work was the right fit for her creativity. You’ll hear accessible ways for beginners to get started in their lettering journey, as well as the way Aurelie uses lettering challenges to practice her craft, hone her style and scale her business.

You’ll hear about her creative processes in approaching unfamiliar design challenges, as well as for designing an original typeface (and how to move forward if you feel stuck!).

Finally you’ll hear about Aurelie’s desert island typeface choices (great minds think alike!), about her new Domestika course and about how she makes money as a lettering artist.

This episode is cohosted by Advanced Type student, Katrina Javier.

About Our Guest:

I’m Aurelie, a passionate lettering artist from the Gold Coast, in Australia. Born in New Caledonia, I moved to Australia in 2010 and started studying a Bachelor of Digital Media at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. I have always loved drawing and writing, but while studying at University, I discovered the Art of Typography and have not stopped practicing since! Over the past few years, I have been incredibly lucky to speak at the Typism conference, start teaching typography at Griffith University and build my own creative design studio from my very own home studio! My mission is simple: produce the highest quality work for every client, on every creative project. I also thrive to share my knowledge with upcoming designers and hand letterers in my online courses.

Instagram: @aureliemaron

Music: Weird Science - John Bartmann licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.

Talk Paper Scissors Theme Music: Retro Quirky Upbeat Funk by Lewis Sound Production via Audio Jungle

Episode Artwork: Canva (remixed)

Boat Origami Photo: Boat Origami Photo by Alex on Unsplash



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