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151: Digital Publishing Possibilities with Audrey Vandenbroeck of Issuu

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Welcome back to the third episode in this magazine series. Here you’ll meet Audrey Vandenbroeck, Vice President of Customer Success at Issuu. If you’ve ever wondered why and how to publish using Issuu’s platform, this episode is for you.

Audrey shares the ways in which Issuu can help students (in their presentations, portfolios and student work), as well as students who are transitioning into professional spaces. She describes the variety of ways to share and circulate publications uploaded to Issuu, as well as statistics features to help drive a digital strategy. Finally, you’ll hear how to connect InDesign and Issuu to integrate into your current production workflow.

Check out to explore a number of the publications that Audrey mentions throughout the episode.

This episode is part of a guest lecture series in GCM 720 Magazine Production & Publishing in The Creative School at TMU

Let’s listen in…

Link to student produced magazine - Cornell

Link to student-produced magazine - Pymble College

Architecture Portfolio student example

Usecase from a smb travel magazine:

About Our Guest:

Audrey Vandenbroeck is the VP of Customer Success at Issuu. She brings over 15 years of account management and customer success management experience across a breadth of industries, all adding to the diverse skill set to her role at Issuu. She thrives on each customer’s success and actively uses each engagement to improve and engineer the customer experience. Prior to Issuu, Audrey built and scaled Customer Success teams for SaaS start-ups such Redbooth and ReadyPulse (acquired by Experticity). Moreover, she is passionate about coaching her children's sports teams, art and donating her time to philanthropic organizations, especially the Epilepsy Foundation.

Music: Where the Sun Set by Ketsa Licensed by Independent Music Licensing Collective (IMLC).

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Episode Artwork: Canva

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