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117: Big Emotions in Creative Living with Jamie Roberts of Rock That Creative Job

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Continuing our discussion of big emotions in creative living, today I am joined by entrepreneur Jaime Roberts of Rock That Creative Job. I first connected with Jamie when she saw my colourful outfits online and felt that we were kindred spirits. She, too, is expressive and has the desire to create, as well as help others in her work. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet Jamie and also to sit down to have this conversation that you’re about to hear today all about how she helps support creative people in various stages of their journeys. We take a deep dive into imposter syndrome and Jamie shares an assessment she’s created to help individuals align themselves in the right environments that will enable them to thrive. We discuss the magic of low-stakes opportunities, practicing and getting comfortable with failure in the process. She speaks about moving yourself forward — iterating and innovating — and the only way to make that happen is through doing. Jamie provides sound advice for selling oneself in an authentic way even if you loathe self-promotion (hint: know your audience!). Finally, Jamie offers some excellent advice to recent graduates about how to differentiate themselves in a competitive hiring landscape, including doubling down on your personal story so that you’re a memorable candidate for the job.

About Our Guest:

Jamie Roberts is a designer and sr. creative director with 20 years of advertising industry experience, and founder of Rock That Creative Job, a creative career optimization business that helps creatives sell themselves more effectively ( She offers a broad range of services for creatives who feel stuck, stressed, and unsure of next steps to propel their creative career forward. When she’s not helping creatives you can also find her reading, running, writing, or color-sorting her closets.

Links to some of Jamie's helpful resources:

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