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I feel this equation deeply and often in my life. 

Are you curious about adding constraint to your creative workout? Check out my 'Creativity Boosters' below! 

Another excellent resource is the book Creative Acts for Curious People: How to Think, Create and Lead in Unconventional Ways by Sarah Stein Greenberg. I can't recommend it enough.

Creativity boosters

16 Squares

This activity encourages students to embrace ‘quantity’ over ‘quality’, silence their inner critics and remove the need for perfectionism in creative work, help students think visually (even in non-visual subjects) and showcase the concept that ‘constraint breeds creativity’.

An Ode to the Other Hand

This Creativity Booster asks students to tap into their inner beginner and, in doing so, develop a new level of awareness and empathy for anyone learning something new. This includes being gentle and forgiving to ourselves when we’re a novice at a new activity.

Yes, Lets!

‘Yes! Let’s!’ comes from the world of improv. This activity works best if everyone’s cameras are on, however it’s not required. It’s important to note that in the art of improv, a ‘no’ is a dead end. Nothing ends a scene faster. This energizing, low-stakes invitation to unequivocally commit to jumping into something is a great creative and life skill to embrace, even if students are unsure or feel a little uncomfortable.

5 Senses

This ‘5 Senses’ Creativity Booster is a mindfulness practice. There is huge value in engaging in mindfulness exercises to help spark creativity. If nothing else, it gets students out of their normal routines and it removes us all from actively using our devices.

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